Shannon & Daniel | The Cotton Room

Starbuck-0063 Starbuck-0072 Starbuck-0081 Starbuck-0089 Starbuck-0114 Starbuck-0130 Starbuck-0227 Starbuck-0231 Starbuck-0236 Starbuck-0241 Starbuck-0266 Starbuck-0277 Starbuck-0301 Starbuck-0316 Starbuck-0327 Starbuck-0330 Starbuck-0331 Starbuck-0338 Starbuck-0343 Starbuck-0345 Starbuck-0348 Starbuck-0352 Starbuck-0369 Starbuck-0371 Starbuck-0461 Starbuck-0470 Starbuck-0475 Starbuck-0490 Starbuck-0496 Starbuck-0524 Starbuck-0534 Starbuck-0535 Starbuck-0596 Starbuck-0609 Starbuck-0641 Starbuck-0653 Starbuck-0655 Starbuck-0657 Starbuck-0661 Starbuck-0665 Starbuck-0666 Starbuck-0670 Starbuck-0671 Starbuck-0698 Starbuck-0713 Starbuck-0801 Starbuck-0816 Starbuck-1223

Congratulations Shannon and Daniel!!

Venue | The Cotton Room

Floral Design | Fresh Affairs

Photographer | Cynthia Rose Photography



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