Despina’s Wedding

Ceremony:  Duke Chapel

Reception:  The Grand Marquise

Photography:  Walters and Walters

Cake:  Cindas Creative Cakes

Catering:  1705 Prime


2 thoughts on “Despina’s Wedding

  1. Ooooo Lyn and Michael… How do I even start?!


    Everything everything evvvvvvvvvvvverything was perfect. The ceremony flowers were gorgeous. My bouquet was beyond spectacular. And the reception was better than the fairy tale I had played out in my head… Ask Katie, when I walked into that room the only thing I could do is smile and skip. Literally skip.

    I will never be able to thank you enough. I am getting on the formal thank yous and reviews this week. But, I just had to say you two are true artists and are just so thrilled we have you in good old Raleigh.

    We love, adore and thank you, xxo!!


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