>The flowers…

>Dear Lyn,

I gave away ALL THE FLOWERS at the end of the reception – but admonished everybody NOT to take vases – please let me know if there were vases missing as Shayne’s daughter asked several times if she could “borrow” “my” vases – “NO – they are not mine! you can have flowers but no vases!” It was SO MUCH FUN to say “please take flowers home and enjoy them again!” to special friends at the end of the reception.

The flowers were amazing – especially the ones at the reception! First you should know – I am a flowers FREAK – I have zillions of flowers in my yard and always have fresh flowers at my desk at work. And I have always done the flowers for my kids’ school graduations, parties, etc – going to the farmer’s market at the crack of dawn, leaning on my friends who grow roses, etc. So it was a BIG DEAL for me to just “let go” and “allow” you to do this – I can hear you laughing – and you were MATERFUL. So many people asked me (with looks of incredulity like “surely not?”) if I had done the flowers (please know this was a compliment) – and of course I said “hell no – but aren’t they grand?”



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