Crabtree Marriott

Raleigh, NC


What you guys produced last night was just over the top imaginative, creative and stunningly gorgeous! I have never seen anything like it. Every little detail blew my mind. I am completely floored by the astonishing gift you all gave my sister for her perfect night. Ya’ll brought it big time! I am humbled and grateful beyond what you could possinly imagine. Truly truly breathtaking. You are all such artists and I am forever grateful to you. Erin had initially planned to have just the basics as that is all they could really manage. You and Lyn let her be Cinderella last night and she truly was the belle of the ball. I have never seen her or that room look more magical. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you. You and Lyn are both angels and I am forever grateful. XO




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